Affordable web project

small and beautiful websites for business, organisations and charities


It’s simple! If you run a business or organisation on or around Caledonian Road, we’ll build you a complete website for just £200. Not just any old website either; one you can edit yourself so you won’t have to worry about it getting out of date or having to pay to get it changed.

So how does it work? It’s simple! you just need to get your words and pictures together. Then, contact us using the form here and we’ll take it from there. We’ll contact you if we have any questions. Three days later, you’ll see your draft website and you can make any changes yourself. We will give you links to training material to make it as smooth as possible. Then we’ll make the website live.

We’ve created simple, attractive templates based on our years of skill and experience in web design that present your organisation in a strong and clear way. These templates are designed to work on all screen sizes. We keep the cost down by working closely with you.

You help us by  providing images, text and a logo if you have one.

It’s really that simple. Anything more complex and we will be happy to come up with an effective and affordable plan for you.

Steve carefully makes a new website in the laboratory