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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What do I need to get started?

  • Logo – if you have a logo, please provide it in one of these formats. jpg, png, gif. If you don’t have one, then just let us know the name of your organisation as you want it to appear.
  • Pictures – We can insert up to ten for you. Please let us have images as large as possible and in jpg format if available.
  • Text / Copy – Please supply all the information you want us to include on your website. It should be supplied as an email, Microsoft Word, Text or RTF and clearly laid out in relevant sections with headers.
  • Social network links – any links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you want to include.
  • Your existing email address.
  • Contact address and details.

How long will it take?

We’ll start as soon as we have all your content. We’ll get the finished draft to show you within 3 working days. We’ll make the site live as soon as we’ve received payment.

How many images can I include?

Because the site is built using WordPress you can manage it yourself, so you can have as many  images as you like! We’ll include up to ten when we build the first version.


What do I get for my £200?

  • A fabulous WordPress website built with your choice of template, set up and running.
  • Up to 4 pages built from your images and text. Up to ten images edited for the web and added free. After that you can include as many images as you like.
  • One email address with the domain address.
  • Hosting. You get a year’s free hosting. After that we will bill £30 per year
  • Links to your social networking sites
  • Mobile friendly. Your new website will work on mobile devices and tablets – vital nowadays. If it’s not mobile, it doesn’t get into Google.

Is it really £200?

Yes it is, but to keep the cost this low we have to have your help. You will need to read through these FAQs and make sure you’re able to provide us with what we need – your images and some words for your website along with your logo (if you have one).

Any extra work you might require will be estimated by us and a clear quote sent to you.

When do I pay you?

We’ll need payment as soon as the site is complete and, once we’ve received payment, we’ll make the site live.


What about hosting?

We’ll host your website for a year as a part of the cost. After that, we’ll invoice you £30 / year. If you want to move the site at that point to a different provider, that’s not a problem. We’ll send you a file with your site on it free of charge. It will then be your responsibility to move the site to a different host.

What about the domain name / what about the site address?

Your website address will

Or you can buy a custom domain name yourself. Or we can do that for you for a small additional cost. The cost will depend on whether it’s a .net .com and so on but for a it will be £10/year. You can choose more or less any name you want unless it’s already registered or is a registered trademark of another company.

I don’t know what hosting is?

Your website needs two things to work. A domain name – this is sometimes called a URL – and hosting. The domain name is the name of your site – for example – and you rent this for a period of between a year and 10 years. The hosting is the computer on which your website is stored.

Domain name to be

Managing my site

What about training?

We’re pretty confident that you won’t need any training because WordPress is so simple to use. If you need help editing your website, there’s tons of resource online. If you get really stuck, drop us an email and we’ll update these FAQs within 3 working days with the answer to your question.

If you require one-to-one training then we are obviously very happy to provide this service as an extra. In a half day we can get you confidently editing your site.


I’ve already got a website..

If you already have a website and want to replace it then you will need to make a change using your control panel to point to the new site.

How you do this will depend upon your existing provider. You’ll need to change the nameservers to

We can help you with this for a small additional cost if you want us to do this for you (£10 per domain name)

Why choose us?

  • Cost   We’re confident that you won’t find a website with the features we’re offering for anywhere near the money we’re asking anywhere else.
  • Simplicity – All you need to do is fill in the form here to order page here and we’ll do the rest.
  • Speed – You can have a professionally designed and developed website up and running within 24 hours* Slightly longer if it’s a weekend – we do need a day off!
  • Convenience – all you need to do is fill in the form and you’re good to go.
  • We’re local – We know and love the area and want to help your business succeed.

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